Sustaining The Land

Sustaining The Heart
Unique Art Created By and For People Who Care About the Earth

What Is Sustainable Art?

At Sustaining Art we believe that art was once produced by local artisans from local materials or from materials that they were able to barter using materials they had in abundance. In this way art fed the community, was used as barter, and used the abundance of the land.

When art is separated from the rest of life, it becomes esoteric and only available to those who can afford it. Our mission at Sustaining Art is to provide affordable art that provides a connection to the land that is absent from many people's lives.

Having a piece of the land, of nature, feeds the primal connection we all have with the land and shares that connection with others who visit our homes. Whether you are choosing art to decorate your home or to give to friends and family, Sustaining Art offers a variety of art from which to choose.

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