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Sustaining Resources

While organic agriculture and sustainable agriculture have had a resurgence in the last 30 years, most of agricultural production in industrialized nations is still done using fossil-fuel powered machines with chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Likewise, factory farming has turned meat, dairy, and egg production into a traumatizing, unhealthy production system, further compromising those food sources with antibotics and growth hormones.

Food consumers are beginning to support regional food systems (local food production) and sustainable agricultural producers with their consumer dollars because they want access to a healthy food source that is more flavorful and rich in vitamins and minerals.

At Sustaining Art, we support sustainable agriculture and wildcrafting (the harvesting of naturally generated plants) through our own practices and our purchase of our art materials. In turn, small family farms keep healthy open space for all to share. These sustainable practices not only affect the food, but also the air and water quality for all those in the region. Your purchase of Sustaining Art, further insures the healthy practice of sustainable agriculture.

All of our wildharvesting is based on the practice of taking only one third of any plant species, allowing one third for plant regeneration and one third for wildlife use. Likewise, we work to grow crops that are native to our area so as to minimize water usage. We also work to create art from plants that are naturally abundant, and which are even considered pests. In this way, we work to use resources in a thoughtful and creative manner, encouraging others to find creative solutions in their lives.



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