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Sustaining The Heart
Unique Art Created By and For People Who Care About the Earth

Sustaining Art

Bringing Nature Home


Since 1993 Sustaining Art has worked to create a heartfelt connection between the urban dweller and the land upon which all life depends through beautifully crafted art.

Located in Tajique, New Mexico, Sustaining Art draws from a cooperative network of artists and sustainable agricultural producers and wildcrafters.

Give the Gift of Nature




Your purchase of this art sustains the rural economy, keeping rural life viable and protecting open spaces for generations to come. In turn, we hope, this art will sustain and feed you and your family and friends.

Most of our art is made here in New Mexico, but we also carry affordable art from other regions and countries where they are creating art that sustains the land and the heart. To go directly to our art collection, click here.






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Sustaining Art
80 County Rd. A013
Tajique , NM 87016

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